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Mindset to the Putt

"I know I have to make the putt. There is no alternative. It has to go in. That was my focus." - Jack Nicklaus

This is how one of the best golfers of all time handled his approach to putting. He had a winning mindset. What are your thoughts when you are lining up a putt and addressing the ball on the putting green?

Do not hope just to get it close, worry about blowing it by, leaving it short, or lipping it out. Golfers obviously want their putts to go in, but so many do not take a few seconds to visualize and know the ball is going in the hole. You have to be very serious with your focus and ignore any outside distraction or thoughts when lining up and addressing your putt.

Jack was an intense competitor and thats what drove him to have such great focus. When you believe there is "no alternative" other than making the putt, you are subconsciously wiring yourself to create the desired result.

It is something that takes a lot of practice, but if you stay aware and decide you want to approach every putt with a mindset similar to Jack, you will form a great habit that will yield better results. Don't forget, discipline to practice with a lot of repetition will get you there. It also works with life, so keep that in mind.

Keep striving to improve at his game and never give up. The game gets really exciting when you start to improve. Keep at it!

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