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Monetary Issues

Over the years, the term "cash is king" seems to have faded away as many people aren't transacting in cash anymore. Convenience is likely a big reason, not a lot of people want to deal with change, or count with basic math if they don't have to, and the efficiency of a credit card is helpful when you are on the move.

So much of the monetary system already occurs digitally. Many paychecks are direct deposits, many bills are paid as direct withdrawals/online payments, transactions at the store are credit, there's venmo, paypal, apple pay, etc. the list goes on.

The monetary system we are in, under the umbrella of the Central Banking (CB) system wants to move away from cash completely for the reasons of transaction tracking, oversight and control. If you control the money, you can control literally everyone. The central banking system is attempting to roll out a Central Banking Digital Currency (CBDC) in December 2022 in the U.S. under Executive Order 14067. This is an attempted counter to Bitcoin (If you have been following, you may have noticed the establishment isn't too fond of Bitcoin). This CBDC would operate on the blockchain, however under complete centralized control of the U.S. Federal Reserve. Many speculate this opens the doors for the a social credit system. For example, you have a credit score currently, however with this, your credit score would be based on how you live, who you voted for, what you are buying, donating to, where you travel etc. If central control disagrees, they can cut you off, restrict payment, deplete your account, etc. and therefore you need to be a good little slave and obey. As you may have observed, they want compliance with everything they push.

The world had a glimpse of this early when the Canadian Trucker Convoy headed to the Canadian capital to protest the totalitarian covid measures taken by the Canadian government this past winter. Justin Trudeau proceeded to threaten the trucker's banks and get their accounts frozen, and it actually happened. The totalitarians displayed to the world where their agenda is headed, and how far they will go to control.

The good news is a lot of the world's population is waking up to the despotic agenda. The root of the agenda is through the alteration of the currency system to a more centralized and controlled digital currency. With an awakened population, and a special little alternative currency gaining more prominence called Bitcoin, the CBDC will hopefully struggle to get off the ground, and fail miserably.

Despite the value of Bitcoin declining from all time highs, the application of Bitcoin is increasing greatly across the world as well as banks and brokerages offering clients cryptocurrency investment options and currency conversion. Bitcoin, and possibly other cryptocurrencies could become the path forward for digital transactions for a more sovereign future. This is dependent on people continuing to wake up, desiring freedom, not being fearful, and wanting independence from central control.

There is a place for gold, silver, metals, energy, and materials. These are extremely valuable assets that are finite. As we go into a new future and push back against the CB system of control, the artificial manipulation and suppression of these assets will dissolve and the true values will surface for these assets. These assets could potentially serve as a backstop to future decentralized digital currencies.

This will be something to observe moving forward. Do your own research into the currency drama. This article is not financial advice, just observation and speculation as to what could be occurring with the monetary system.

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