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Fitness and Golf Longevity

We have been harping on getting into shape and taking advantage of the colder winter months to do it. Depending on where you live it may be snowing, or just too cold to enjoy a round of golf. So if you aren't active because you have no golf to play, get in the gym.

Getting into a good fitness regimen will not only help your game and driving distance, but it will bring you golf longevity. If you plan on playing this game until you kick-off, you are going to want to stay physically fit.

Weightlifting with higher reps will help with bone density as you age and keep the blood circulating well throughout your body. If a good stretching routine is incorporated into the regimen after your workouts, you will see increased flexibility and balance. Although this seems obvious, if done consistently over time as you age, your game will be much slower to deteriorate with the symptoms of old age.

Fitness is key to anything physical. Many non-golfers may not think golf is a physical game, but it is to play it well. You are not reading this because you are content on being an out of shape hacker. Build good habits now, begin a workout routine and make it a part of your life. Be like Gary Player. You will feel better, become more productive in your life, and will prolong good golf well into your retirement years.

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