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Golf Tip - Nerves

If anyone should have any nerves when addressing the ball, it would be the guys playing on tour with millions of eyes on them and potentially millions of dollars on the line. But the pros seem to handle it so well. How do they do it? Every pro has their own unique ways of handling the pressure, and we may never know their secrets, however, here are five points to contemplate if you find yourself getting nervous before a pressure shot:

  1. Remember its a game; death isn't the result

  2. Don't worry about impressing anyone. Don't give a sh*t about what anyone thinks of your play

  3. Stay in the moment. Don't look ahead, don't look back

  4. Know your swing, trust it

  5. Breath and be grateful you are golfing. Feel grateful

Competition will always create the "butterflies" in any sport; its only natural for it to happen. However, applying the points above can convert the nervous energy into positive energy so you can rise to the occasion and play great golf in pressure situations.

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