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LIV Tour Drama

This shit is too funny and figured this would be a fun post. If you are a golfer or sports fan, there is no way you haven't heard about this drama. Greg Norman and Saudi Arabia linked up to create LIV Golf to be an alternative/competitive tour to the PGA. This has made the PGA and everyone associated with the PGA shit their pants because it has attracted the attention and commitment of some of the best golfers in the world with lucrative purses and different play structures.

The PGA and everyone loyal to the PGA has turned on the drama. One of the big arguments we are seeing is the moral high ground argument - "how could these pro golfers go play for Saudi, with all the human rights violations?", "Saudis are responsible for 9/11", "These tour players are taking dirty money", etc. - This shit makes the PGA look incredibly foolish and desperate for a couple of reasons:

  • Many PGA tour players are sponsored by companies that use slave labor, like Nike. Nike is a shit company littered with human rights violations in China. The Uyghurs have been coerced into forced labor and trafficking for years to manufacture Nike products. Many players are happy to take this sponsor money and we havent heard any objections to that dirty money from the PGA or its supporters.

  • The PGA is played in the U.S. and unfortunately our govt aint no peach either. The U.S. may have one of the most corrupt govt's in the world. To be clear, not shitting on Americans, just shitting on the govt here. Currently, the U.S. govt has open borders, and the trafficking of people all over the country is being conducted by the govt, kids are disappearing, rapes, murders, fentanyl od's are happening all over due to the intentional neglect of the govt at the southern border. It is a human rights nightmare. Our politicians also decided to give $50bn taxpayer dollars to Ukraine, which is probably the 2nd most corrupt country in the world to defend their borders, but ours remain wide open and a total shitshow is occurring here. Additionally, the govt is holding American POW's in a DC prison with no charges or due process, free speech is being attacked/censored, cancel culture is run amuck, politicians are being blatantly installed (not elected), etc. and all of it comes with no consequence or accountability. As of now human rights violations in this country are out of control and no one on the PGA tour that is taking this "moral high ground" seems to give a shit about that and turn a blind eye.

Now the argument the PGA should focus on is the tradition/legacy of the PGA Tour. They should emphasize the history of the game under the PGA and the legends like Bobby Jones, Byron Nelson, Gene Sarazen, Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, etc. that made golf history over the last hundred years. Some of the most exciting golf memories were made on these historic American courses that are sacred grounds, and to compete to win at these venues is really priceless. To have the opportunity to have your name on a trophy with the names listed above is incredibly valuable to these guys and the PGA should use it to their advantage with a little additional monetary incentive to retain players and keep the LIV Tour at bay.

It's interesting seeing the drama between the two tours, but ultimately it could be a good thing. A little competition is good. A lot is still developing with this story as Brooks Keopka just committed to LIV yesterday. It should be fun to watch and we'll see what happens.

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