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Overcoming Distraction

Golf is such a challenging game due to all of the factors that can affect your score. As amateurs, we need to work on our swing, putting, chipping, thoughts, emotion, course management, yet take on the course, weather conditions, hazards, bad breaks, awkward shots, etc. there seem to be a million variables at play.

One variable that we forget is distractions. Distractions are sudden noises, an obnoxious opponent, players in your group that talk to much, anyone trying to get in your head to throw you off, etc. there is a lot of distractions that can surround you when you are playing golf. These distractions can throw off your rhythm, flow, patience, and peace of mind, which can have a devastating impact on your round.

Of the million variables, this one is overlooked, yet its a game killer. So how do you overcome distractions? The easy answer is focus. But how?? When you play the game, you have roughly 30 seconds to hone in, line up and focus on your shot, then hit it. The rest of your time is spent in between shots. This is where distractions slide in. Be aware that during this time, you are vulnerable. You need to protect your thoughts, have tunnel vision, and focus on the next shot. If you are walking or riding, approach the next shot already visualizing what you will do. Calm yourself and intensify that vision between shots. See what you want to do. If you can start to do that, the sudden noises, annoying opponent, chatty players in your group, etc. will dissolve. You'll be in your own world. It takes awareness and practice, but if you want to become oblivious to distractions and improve your game, give this a shot.

“Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate, and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.” Paulo Coelho

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