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What Pressure?

Do you feel the pressure mount when you start playing good golf? Do you start thinking "oh my, I just birdied the last hole and pared the 5 holes prior to that, I better not screw up, I could go really low!" If you find yourself doing that, here are some tips to knock that shit right out of your thoughts:

  1. No one cares

  2. Even if you shoot your best score, it can always be better

  3. If your score is anything less (higher) than a course record, it doesn't deserve an ounce of nervous energy

  4. If you are in a tourney, and get anxiety coming down the stretch to win, ask yourself "Is this a PGA tournament?" If not, it means nothing

  5. Of all the things in the world to get nerved up about, golf should not be one of them. Just be grateful you are playing the game - forget the result

Handling pressure is a culmination of the items above. Simply put, it's about not giving a shit about the outcome. This isn't an article to downplay your success, but rather to knock down the mental barriers you create for yourself that obstruct much better golf. You cannot beat yourself if you want to be great. Ground yourself and stop caring about a meaningless result, that is when positive transformation begins.

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