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A Rotella Tip

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

This is another good tip from Dr. Bob Rotella:

"Not too long ago, I was working with this player who was struggling. But a couple of strong finishes had him feeling better. At the next tournament he makes, like, eight birdies in the first round. Now he's feeling really good. He stops by the putting green to hit a few, and a player he knows walks up to him and says: "I don't know what you're doing with your putting, but that's not the way you used to set up." A few minutes later another player comes over: "You don't have your eyes over the ball the way you used to." Now my guy doesn't know what to think. He went from making everything he looked at to being a mess the next day.

You'll have lots of well-meaning friends who want to give you advice. Don't accept it. In fact, stop them before they can say a word. Their comments will creep into your mind when you're on the course. If you've worked on your game, commit to the plan and stay confident." - Dr. Bob Rotella

So don't listen to any advice if you don't need it. If you are hitting the ball well just stay focused on what is working. Reject anything anyone else says about your golf game, especially the hackers that think they are good.

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