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Bryson Rising to the Occasion

Bryson has been an interesting golfer ever since entering the public eye. He was the mad golf scientist, then bulked up like a NFL LB and started bombing the ball, and now is proactively changing into a showman. All of it has made golf more interesting to say the least.

This past week's U.S. Open win was thrilling to watch. As everyone knows, Pinehurst No. 2 is one of the most challenging courses you can play. But you don't actually know until you play it. Anything can happen at any time. The bad breaks are insane, the turtleback greens are insane and the course plays very long to top things off. Bryson's win showed incredible skill off the tee, around and on the greens, exactly what the USGA wants a U.S. Open to test.

The point of this post is to acknowledge Bryson's ability to pioneer new challenges, within a game that's already very challenging. No one really considered the science/physics of golf extensively, Bryson did. No one really considered actually trying to bomb the ball 350-400 yards off the tee consistently, Bryson did. No one actually considered re-imaging themselves into a showman to electrify the crowds, and grow the game, Bryson did. Among these changes comes real pressure to perform, and back up it up on the course. Hes actually doing it.

Got to give him credit, hes an exceptional talent and he is no question making the game more interesting.

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