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Golf Tip - Putt With Trust

An easy mistake with the putting stroke is trying to "will" the ball into the hole, especially at impact during the stroke. Amateurs will cut, pull, accelerate and decelerate right at the impact point thinking consciously or subconsciously, their last nano second adjustment mid stroke is going to be beneficial to the putt. This habit typically results in disastrous putts, or at the very least inconsistency on putts.

TIP: Break this habit with Trust. Go through your putting routine, line it up and focus on that exact stroke you want to make. Then step up, address the putt, and let every other thought go except for that practice stroke you just made. Forget the hole, forget the ball and just duplicate that exact stroke, just trust it. Your only responsibility is making that exact stroke, that's it. Keep it simple, and remove the thoughts that incline you to "will" the ball into the hole. Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be.

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