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Rolling the Putt

Putting should be relatively simple because the putts are the shortest shots on the course. However, on the greens is where we loose the most strokes. Putting encompasses reading the green correctly, getting the pace right, and making a good stroke on the putt. Making a good stroke is very important.

Many amateurs make terrible strokes because they decelerate, jab, yank and push putts. A reason for this is they are essentially trying to "will it" or direct the ball into the hole and they have no trust in their putting stroke.


  • Line up putt and get a feel of what you think the pace of the putt will be in your pre-putt routine

  • When addressing the ball prior to the putt, look at the hole one to two times for visualization and feel.

  • Stroke the putt with full commitment to it, and keep your head down through the stroke.

The last bullet is in bold because its so important. When you commit to the stroke, you will start to eliminate the deceleration, jab, yank and pushes. Without being able to do this, your read of the green and distance control don't matter. Focus on committing to the stoke and improvement will occur.

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