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Golf Tip - No Sway, Great Day

A common error with the golf swing is when a golfer starts their back swing, and moves, or "sways" away from the ball as they bring their club back on the back swing. This can be very subtle, only swaying back a few inches, but it wreaks havoc on your swing. This sway causes your head to move, which reduces focus on the ball and throws the swing off plane, which results in increased miss hits.

To fix this, visualize a straight line from your eyes to the ball. This line cannot move all the way through your swing. If you move your head, that would indicate the start of the sway, and cause that line to move which would be a failed swing. So practice this at the range with as minimal failed swings as possible. Keep the head absolutely still and that will eliminate the sway, which will reduce the miss hits. This will produce great days on the course :)

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