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Golf Tip - Putting Drill

If putting is your weakness, or if you just want to strengthen it, here is a great drill to practice:

  1. Take eight tees and number them from 1-8 with a Sharpie marker on the top of the tee.

  2. Find a hole on the practice putting green away from everyone else so that you won't be bothered by anyone.

  3. Put 2 tees approximately 3' from the hole at different locations

  4. Put 3 tees approximately 5' from the hole at different locations

  5. Put 3 tees approximately 7-8' from the hole at different locations

  6. Take 8 balls from your bag and put one at each tee location (See photo above)

  7. Start by putting the ball at tee 1, make it, then move to tee 2, putting that ball and so on. You advance to each tee with every made putt. If you miss, you need to go back the tee 1 and start over.

  8. If you do a full circuit by making every putt, you can a) keep going until you miss and try to get as high a score as possible, or b) lengthen the tee distances from the hole a little and start a new circuit.

This drill is used by Stewart Cink, and he explained this on the Golf Channel recently. Cink is a heck of a putter, and he credited a lot of his success on the greens to practicing this. This drill does a couple of things for you:

  • Builds Patience: Completing this circuit can be difficult and if you get stuck on a putt it will get your frustrated because you will have to keep starting from the beginning. Also, you need to stay patient and not rush your set up, routine and stroke. You need to do if as if you are putting in a tournament. Work to keep yourself calm and collected until you finish.

  • Clutch Putts: If you have ever got nervous standing over a short putt you needed to make in a tournament, you will like how this drill preps you for those pressure putts. If you do this circuit and get midway through, the pressure starts to build, especially if you struggled on one of the early tee locations. When you get to the last one, its for all the marbles to close out the circuit. Put yourself in the frame of mind that you are putting for the big win and embrace the pressure.

Take this drill and have fun with it and do what works for you. You can do this with a practice partner as well and compete to make it more interesting. Keep at it, and it should help you sink more putts.

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