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Golf Tip - Swing Tempo

I have found that if I do not play golf for two weeks or longer, I will usually be a mess when I get back out on the course. It usually takes me at least nine holes to start scoring.

This is not a matter of losing my swing tempo because it has been a while since I last swung the club. It is all tempo. I now know this, and I stay very calm when I know I am out of tempo because I know it will click very soon. When you find your tempo, you can go from scoring double, double, triple to scoring par, birdie, birdie just as fast.

Tempo is the elapsed time of your golf swing from the moment you start your backswing/takeaway to the moment you make impact with the ball. It encompases feel, speed and consistency of your swing.

Last year I took a month off from golf to travel for the holidays and take care of a bunch of stuff. After the no golf stretch, I went out and played 18 without hitting the range or warming up. I had a disastrous front nine. However, I stayed calm because I knew I was out of tempo. I felt it. From the 11th hole through the 18th, I played one under par and hit the remaining greens in regulation. Things clicked, and instantly everything turned around. I also conquered a very difficult par 5 with a lip out eagle, tap in bird. It made my day.

So don't get frustrated if you haven't played recently, you most likely need to find your tempo. It may take more than 11 holes, but it will come if you stay calm and patient.

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